Resurfacing is the process of restoring a pre existing surface through a professionally applied coating that gives stunning results. The state of your tub does not matter because the knowledge we have acquired over the years has helped us think of creative solutions for any and every issue. Please consider refinishing even if you think your tub could not be fixed. Truthfully, our team can take care of any issue and make your bathroom look stunning once again.

  • You are allowed to use your tub the morning after the re-glazing process is completed
  • Our ventilation fans get rid of most of the odor
  • Any dents or imperfections are fixed before the surface is re-glazed to allow for a smooth finish
  • Depending on the condition of your bathtub the refinishing process should take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours

1. This is the tub prior to refinishing.

2. We install our ventilation fans which get rid of any fumes or odors.

3. Paint remover is applied to the tub in order to get rid of the enamel.

4. The tub is being stripped of its enamel.

5. Any remaining paint is removed.

6. Imperfections such as dents and scratches are filled in.

7. Surrounding surfaces are covered with masking tape.

8. The primer is applied and then the new enamel is sprayed on. The spray will usually be applied in a couple layers.

9. The tub is left to air dry for ten hours.




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