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We offer NYC, NJ area residents one of the most economical, time, and material efficient accessibility conversions on the market today, as well as premiere bathtub and tile refinishing. Due to the high cost of replacement many people choose to refinish their bathtubs instead. Through the use of a surplus of new technology we have managed to develop a method of refinishing which is much more affordable than a complete replacement. We provide consistently professional services due to our 10+ years of experience and ensure that you will enjoy the refinishing for a long period of time, which is why WE OFFER A THREE-YEAR WARRANTY.

We have accumulated a lot of knowledge for our equipment over the years and have a distinct passion for our jobs. Our unwavering customer service is greatly valued by our customers as we hold their opinions to the highest standard. Our reputation is based on service, safety, and quality, regardless of how large, or small the job.

Our team consists of professionals. We strive to create a good quality and long-lasting resultHigh grade materials and professional equipment are used. Our company ensures customer satisfaction. We do not cut corners and have gained our reputation through experience and satisfactory results.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to attend to all of your concerns.

Refinishing VS Replacement

Refinishing is the process of restoring a pre existing surface through a professionally applied coating that gives stunning results. In fact to the naked eye there is really no difference between a restored or replaced tub except for the cost, of course! New bathtubs can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, whereas reglazing will be a fraction of that amount. Our team of refinishing professionals can work with you to determine your exact cost. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised at just how much they can save. Bathtub refinishing ensures perfect results with minimum investment. It is a great solution in the case you are satisfied with the design of the bathroom equipment, but it looks damaged and old.

Long Lasting Results

Another great advantage of reglazing a bathtub is that it will provide you with long lasting results. We use the best quality materials when refinishing a bathtub so that all of our customers are satisfied. When we’re done, your bathtub will look like it is brand new again. This isn’t like a simple coat of paint that can chip away over time, however. Instead, our reglazing bonds with your bathtub to form a permanent seal that can last for years or even decades. The bottom line here is that refinishing will give you a bathtub that will last just as long as buying new.

This process can save you up to 80% as compared to the price of replacement.

Bathtubs refinished by our company look like new. Even after years of use, the bathtub’s and tiles’ appearance will be very good.

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Bathtub and Tile Reglazing

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Hi, I am happy to take time out of my day to discuss my experience with this company. I want to say that the employees are exceptional at their jobs and I was happy to hear that all of my concerns were met and all of my questions were answered. The result was better than expected and was just as good as buying a new tub but more affordable. I would gladly recommend the company’s services to anyone.

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Amy B.

Andrew was such a pleasure to work with and I can’t stop staring at my bathroom. It’s 1000% better–I love it! Quick response times and the work is done so quickly. I would absolutely recommend working with Splash Reglazing.

Fiana G.

Great company. Responded right away. I had my tub reglazed next day. Excellent work and price was right. I love my tub. I 100% recommend this company.

Josh  S.

I just wanted to take a minute to rate my experience with SPLASH REGLAZING . This was a very smooth process and I would recommend the company to everyone as they have done an amazing job. I appreciate their customer service.

David Z.



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